Piano and Keyboard Lessons – Langwarrin and In Your Home

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Fun & Easy Piano Lessons - Beginners to Advanced

John Hopkins Music offers a range of piano lessons including keyboard, where you can simply learn for fun and enjoyment in a relaxed atmosphere suitable for kids to adults. Lessons cover all levels and styles from beginner to advanced. Piano lessons are held at Langwarrin and are also offered in your home.

John completed his Associate Diploma of Music with The Australian Guild of Music Education Inc. in 1978. Since then John has been teaching Pianoforte, Keyboard, Electronic Organ and Theory of Music throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area at his private music practice and at both private music schools and State Secondary Colleges. John Hopkins services suburbs including Langwarrin, Frankston, Mt Eliza, Mornington, Seaford and other areas South East of Melbourne.

We are sure you will love learning how to play the piano or keyboard. Contact us now.

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Services offered

One on one private tuition to ensure maximum progress.

Lessons are provided at Langwarrin Music Studio and are also offered IN YOUR HOME if preferred, depending on your location.

Learn a wide range of types and styles of music in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

As well as the music program provided, students are also encouraged to choose the music they would like to learn.

Music program

Classical, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary and Pop are covered along with the essential technical training necessary to allow the student to master the music they want to play.

Each level is broken into four main categories :
1. Tuition Books / Technical Exercises
2. Own Choices
3. Practical Examinations (Optional)
4. Theory of Music

The programs are broken into four age groups that take the student through the different levels incorporating the categories above.


(a) 5-7 Years
(b) 8-12 Years,
(c) 13–16 Years
(d) Adults

Formal examinations in Pianoforte, Electronic Keyboard and Organ and Theory of Music are available for the student to undertake if they choose.

The examinations are graded
as follows :

Preliminary Level – Steps 1, 2 & 3
Grades 1 – 7
Grade 8 - Proficiency Certificate
Associate Diploma
Licentiate Diploma